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Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato Care More About UFO News Than Our Media Gatekeepers...

Our spacey celebrities are not the only ones making extraterrestrial discoveries, they're just the only ones making the alien headlines.

Leftist Politicians’ Hypocrisy Demonstrates Shallowness of ‘Party of Science’

States around the country are heading into the second wave of pandemic lockdowns, but many Americans may not be so keen on complying this...

How the Elections Signaled a Breakthrough for Multi-ethnic Conservatism

President Donald Trump’s getting a greater share of the black vote than the average Republican candidate and California voters’ rejection of affirmative action, an...

California politicians skewered for social crimes in the age of coronavirus

OAKLAND, Calif. — California politicians are drawing scorn for the unthinkable: dining out, spending Thanksgiving with relatives and traveling out of state. Such malfeasance is...

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