Biden hails ‘extraordinarily productive’ G-7 summit


President Biden claimed breakthroughs on a number of fronts as he wrapped up his first Group of Seven summit as president in Cornwall, England, a gathering marked by normalcy and lower-volume diplomacy after the tumultuous Trump years.

The leaders of the seven industrial democracies endorsed Mr. Biden’s pitch for a 15% global corporate minimum tax standard and pledged new steps to battle climate change.

The G-7 powers also issued an unexpectedly pointed rebuke of China in their final communique, which condemned rights abuses in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, calling out Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, and endorsed a fresh, independent investigation into how the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, developed into a deadly global pandemic.

Mr. Biden told reporters at the summit’s conclusion that it had been an “extraordinarily collaborative and productive meeting.”

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