Are Democrats finally realizing they have alienated most Americans?


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Charlotte, NC — On Friday, Tucker Carlson took to his show with one thought in mind. Have Democrats potentially realized they have alienated most Americans? Do they realize that they have alienated hard-working Americans across this country?

Democrats have often been thought of as the party of the coastal elites. It seems from clips shared on Tucker’s show that there are some Democrats that are getting the message. Andrew Yang and Rep. Spanberger (D-VA) seem to understand.

In the video below, Yang said that the majority of Americans believe that Democrats are the party of coastal elites. Spanberger said that the performance of Democrats in this year’s election cannot be thought of as a success. She continued that if Democrats continue to believe this was a success, they will be “killed in 2022.”

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The real question is, does anyone else in the party really care? It’s obvious that Americans were not crazy about the progressive agenda. The Democrats did not experience the “blue wave” as they expected.

Still, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said that Democrats have a mandate to push forward with their agenda. They are committed to forcing Americans to tolerate socialist plans and progressive policies, even though it’s clear Americans do not want it.

Democrats best represent the wishes of the social elites. Their big wins on the west coast and the elitist areas of the northeast show that the majority of the country is lost in their minds. They simply do not care.

So while this election year has been tough for Republicans, they must start focusing on 2022 and 2024. Democrats are going to try to push for their crushing progressive plans. Let’s just hope that Americans remove them from power before it’s too late.

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While we wait for the election results, a picture of what Joe Biden’s America will be for conservatives continues to come into view. It’s not overly surprising, we’ve been experiencing these things for some time. It’s just going to become much, much worse in the coming days if he wins.

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