Are Georgia conservatives really going to stay home?


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Atlanta, GA — Next week, Georgia voters will head to vote on the fate of the Senate. Georgia holds the political future of our country in their hands as the results of this election will decide if Democrats need Republicans to work with them or not. It seems that some conservatives may not care.

A new poll conducted by SurveyUSA for WXIA-TV in Atlanta found that 55% of those who called themselves ‘very conservative’ were simply going to stay home. Their reason? Because the election process is rigged.

The survey shows that since the election, the movement among likely voters has shifted dramatically toward the Democrats. Independents and moderate voters in the survey had moved significantly from Loeffler’s side to Warnock. Warnock is extremely radical and if that shift were to hold true it would be concerning.

The survey shows Ossoff leading by 5 and Warnock leading by 7 going into the final week of campaigning. We all know that the poll data has been misleading for quite some time in the elections, but the individual voter data above is concerning.

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One encouraging piece of data out of the poll was the increase in very conservative voters. According to the survey, 3 weeks ago they only accounted for 17% of those who were surveyed, and this time they count for 21%. Of those, Loeffler holds a commanding lead that has continued to grow.

That continues to remind us that there is a significant need for conservatives to get out and vote, even if they believe the election is rigged. President Donald Trump has asked for those in Georgia to get out and vote no matter if they believe the election is rigged.

There are thousands of poll watchers that are signed up to help monitor voting stations this time around. While it cannot guarantee the election will be without fraud, it certainly goes a long way to help.

The truth is that the fate of our country hangs in the balance and lies in the hands of voters in Georgia. Georgia conservatives must get out and vote!

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