Are you prepared for what is to come?


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Charlotte, NC – Mainstream media outlets have declared Joe Biden the winner of the Presidency. While that does little to guarantee him the presidency, remember the legal battles of the 2000 election, it does show they are committed to doing anything to promote their agenda. Which means that conservatives must be prepared for what is to come.

I am not referring to a pending civil war. For the past year, various media outlets have run with the idea that a civil war is either underway or imminent. They argue that it’s not a war of guns and death, but rather a war of words and ideas.

I hate the thoughts of our country, potentially in another civil war, and that is certainly not what we want to see in our country. We still have lingering wounds from the first civil war.

When I say be prepared, I’m saying that conservatives have several things they must do to prepare for a potential Biden Presidency. One that is certain to attack the values, morals, and faith of seemingly 70 million Americans in one way or another.

Joe Biden claims he wants peace, but the example he set through the campaign tells an entirely different story. His supporters are out rioting after he was declared victorious, but he has not called for an end. This is only the beginning.

The truth is Joe Biden has no control over the Democratic party. As I have said many times, he is simply a puppet for what they want to do. They are excited to get started.

There is a little secret that Biden plans to start his administration with many executive orders. He intends to reverse Trump’s policy as much as possible, the same policy that led to massive economic expansion and growth. While many of the orders will focus on climate change, the coronavirus, and White House Operations, there will be many that focus on his agenda.

The New York Times reports that Biden is focused on a muscular federal agenda in his executive actions. Some of the topics that they say he wants to address is immigration, trade, healthcare, tax cuts, military spending, and more. These items have sweeping effects on all Americans, not just the Biden supporters.

That’s why conservatives must be prepared for what is to come. This is not an administration that will be friendly to conservatives, as Biden has indicated. He will claim he wants to earn respect and trust, but watch who he places around him.

His cabinet will be anything but conservative-friendly. His advisors will be pushing for the radical socialist agenda, and if Biden does not give in, they will threaten to remove him via the 25th amendment. They already have a plan to do it that they developed to try to use on President Trump.

I am not sure the Senate provides much protection, either. With Senators like Romney and Collins, there are some agenda items that are sure to win enough Republican backing to pass the chamber.

What are conservatives to do other than prepare for the worst? That is exactly what we must do. There are a few key steps that we must take.

First, we must be prepared to protect our family at all costs. Aside from faith, family is the most important thing in our lives. We must be ready to protect and provide both financially and physically.

This means being ready to fight for our family. It means being ready to fight for what we believe in. It also means knowing that there could be dire consequences for being conservative in the coming years.

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Second, we must make sure we have clear means to communicate without interference from propaganda spewing outlets. Mainstream media will continue with their left-wing propaganda, so you must pay attention to the truth.

Finally, we must have our faith. Our faith cannot be in government or the corrupt elected leaders that are only out for themselves. We must put our faith in God. Without our faith, the other preparations are simply in vain.

It’s Time For Conservatives To Prepare For The Inevitable

The mainstream media has declared Joe Biden the winner of the election. While that is anything but certain, it should give conservatives a reason to self examine a little bit. Not because we are responsible for the election of Joe Biden.

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