Biden does not want voters to know the truth


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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, a video was shared on social media of Democratic nominee Joe Biden in an interview. When asked about his position on court-packing, Biden said that voters do not deserve to know his position. He said he would not answer it until after the election and that he is not going to play the game.

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“Well sir, don’t the voters deserve to know-” “No, they don’t deserve” to know. So not only is the Left not answering whether they will pack the courts, their standard-bearer thinks you *don’t deserve* to know whether they will.

The truth is that Biden is misleading the American people with his argument that this type of action is unprecedented. Many times Presidents have made nominations in election years. Many nominations have been made after elections, even when the President was leaving office, which can be found in the same article.

What is unprecedented is that we have a Presidential candidate who is refusing to share his position with the people he wants to serve. He claims he has the best plan and has the best way, but he does not want to share with you what those plans are.

It’s not the first time Biden and his campaign have misled Americans. Just recently, they said that they do not want to end fracking, even though there are multiple videos showing otherwise. Biden even said he does not want to implement the Green New Deal, but on his website, it says, “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

Biden believes that the American people are stupid. He believes that they will simply ignore this and move on, but this is an important question and one that the American people deserve an answer to, even though Biden says you do not.

President Donald Trump and the Republicans are not undertaking what is referred to as court-packing with the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. The idea of court-packing is to manipulate the number of justices on the court in order to achieve one’s ideal results.

The late Justice Ginsburg, celebrated by the left for her radical decisions, said that nine justices are a good number. Yet, the Democrats are not happy because they may not be able to sue and get their way.

Democrats say they will remove the filibuster, which removes any ability of the Senate to work in a bipartisan fashion. It undermines the role of the Senate in Congress and will allow the Democrats to manipulate the Supreme Court as they wish if they gain power.

Biden does not want the American people to see him as a dictator, but that is exactly what his administration will be. If the Democrats are given power, they will stop at nothing to force all of America under their will and way. Court-packing is just one of the many steps that they will take.

All throughout Biden’s various positions, he is misleading the people publicly. He has proven that he is not mentally stable and even Harris has commented that this is her administration if they were to win the election.

President Trump even indicated that the latest public argument against him, the formation of a 25th Amendment Commission, is really for Joe Biden so they can replace him with Kamala Harris. There is a very strong potential that will be true. Democrats have not hidden that their desire is to use this to get their way.

Which brings us back to the court-packing situation. It proves that Democrats are willing to do anything they want, other than play by the rules, to get their way. They will change the rules, manipulate the system, or even cheat to get their way.

Biden needs to be honest with the American people and stop the lie. He needs to share with them that he has every intention to pack the courts if he were to win the election. He needs to share that he has every intention of working to destroy America as we know it if he were to come into power.

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The American people are not stupid. They understand that Joe Biden is not able to fulfill the office of President. Even half of the potential voters do not believe he can make it through the first term. People do not believe or trust Joe Biden.

It’s time to stop playing the games and tell the truth. Joe Biden is not this safe choice as the left has made him out to be. He is not a middle of the road candidate, he is a radical puppet that will do anything his handlers tell him to.

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