Biden Will Enter and Fall From Debate Stage


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Charlotte, N.C. – The left is losing their minds over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, and now, it appears that someone can indeed be “too Catholic.” That’s right; apparently, someone can have too much religion to be reliable in making judicial decisions for our country. Nevermind, our country was founded Under God, for the left, God is dead, and any resemblance or mentioning of him turns the stomach of the dear ole’ Democrats.

I am on the edge of my seat with the upcoming presidential debate. Moderated by Fox News, Chris Wallace, who, unlike his counterparts of CNN and MSNBC, has vowed to remain in the shadows and make it a moment for both candidates to speak on their platforms.

Liberals love to hear themselves speak – but the same cannot be said of Biden. He stumbles upon every word and equates his “180 years of Senate experience” as the saving grace to our failing nation.

Trump is sure to be questioned on the New York Times report over the weekend, which supposedly revealed that President Trump paid just $750 in taxes in years 2016 and 2017. I desperately want Biden to bring this issue up – and for Trump, he needs only to mention that Biden and his constituents have not the slightest clue on either how business works, the ownership of property, and how that equates to return or losses on his investments.

By now, we all know that President Trump, before elected to office, owned and operated properties across the globe. Some have flourished, and some, not so much. However, if you were to ask any successful business person, they would tell you that not all investment ideas render a profit – most likely, some will not.

Here enters the “Democratic Dogma” of America. From the onset of President Trump onto the political stage, liberals have chastised him for his wealth, in their attempt to equate him to a financial-elitist, too out-of-touch to be lead our nation. Donald Trump is the perfect example of a financial fixture for our country, illustrating that the reward for success can be wealth; however, being scared to venture out is not the American way.

For Democrats, and those who follow them, the measure of success can only be the total amount of your gross income one contributes to socialistic principles and policies. What is harder for members of the left to understand is this. When you have never owned or operated a business, a home, and have been deathly dependent on government and fellow taxpayers to eek your way through life, basic business strategies and the principles thereof can be quite confusing.

Someone living in government-housing, receiving WIC, SNAP, and EBT benefits, only affording their childcare for their ten children at the sacrifice of others and not for their wants for Michael Jordan’s newly released sneakers, has no concept of financial accountability. No idea what it means as a small business owner to be the last one paid after the 100-hours of work.

No, they do not get or begin to understand the basic principles of accounting, and how losses in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars can extend for a decade. And why cannot these unfortunate souls not understand that, because, for the life of them, they cannot seem to climb out of the depths of liberal-oppression, and desperately seek a better future for themselves and their families than what Democrats have offered for over the last 50 years?

And who has been at the helm while Democrats have impoverished millions in our country – that’s right, Joe Biden. The Democratic Party could only muster to save America from the bowels of a Trump-hell by putting a done nothing, do nothing in Joe Biden, who’s out-of-touch policies have kept people in our country begging at the table for the scrapes of successful Americans, who have said no to liberal-socialism, and personally decided to make a better life for themselves.

The fact of the matter is this, Joe Biden’s extent of business is to sell out hardworking Americans jobs to the highest bidder – whether that be closed-doors dealings with his comrades over in China or allowing his son, Hunter Biden, a seat at Ukrainian potato pancake table making millions in sketchy off-shore oil sales.

Joe Biden continues to say he isn’t a socialist, but all indicators will point otherwise. Biden has no choice but to move further left – a moderate man he is not; utterly confused, he is that! But now, after being scolded by everyone not sitting at an ABC, CNN, or MSNBC roundtable, Joe Biden is forced to backfire out of the basement to debate Donald Trump – and for that lapse of judgment, Democrats and Biden’s chances in leading our country, will dive him deeper due to his liberal-lead balloon.

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Biden Will Enter and Fall From Debate Stage

The left is losing their minds over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, and now, it appears that someone can indeed be “too Catholic.” That’s right; apparently, someone can have too much religion to be reliable in making judicial decisions for our country.

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