CNN Exposed, Again: Trump’s Out, So What’s Their Next Agenda?


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The “most trusted name in news” has lost a lot of its clout in recent years. CNN has gone from respectable reporting to sensationalism with the likes of Jim Acosta and Chris Cuomo grandstanding to sell headlines. Project Veritas exposed the news network last year for targeting conservatives, including then-president Donald Trump, and now the undercover journalists have shown the illuminating light on them once again. While admitting CNN’s goal was to get Trump out of office, the counterfeit network has now set its sights on another leftist cause: climate control.

In the video recorded by a PV journalist, CNN technical director Charlie Chester talked about Trump’s health, specifically how his hand was shaking, and claimed the network brought in numerous medical experts to say there were neurological problems, and that the president was unfit to serve in office. He said: “We were … We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about, you know? That’s what – That’s what I think, that’s propaganda.” He went on to say:

“Look what we did, we got Trump out. I am a hundred percent going to say it. And I a hundred percent believe it that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have gotten voted out.”

How very smug and overconfident to think that CNN single-handedly determined the outcome of the election – and to brag about it. That is not what responsible journalism is supposed to be about. It is not the news media’s job to persuade readers to their way of thinking; it is their duty to tell the true facts and leave it up to people to form their own conclusions.

Charlie Chester

Chester continued, saying, “Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was. right?” And since they were so instrumental, or so they believe, in doing so, what’s the next item on the agenda to feed the public? “So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness,” the director said.

How will this goal be accomplished? The undercover VP reporter asked Chester that question, asking if fear would be a factor. His response: “Yeah. Fear sells.” We’ve seen just how true that is with the pandemic. According to the video, CNN plans to capitalize on that to push another narrative. “Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN,” Chester predicted. “We’re gonna. We’re gonna hone in on it.”

Fear and propaganda. Whatever it takes to sell a headline and push a political agenda. As Liberty Nation Socio-political Correspondent Jeff Charles wrote:

“It is for this reason that organizations like CNN, ABC, and others fit better into the category of activist groups rather than journalistic outlets. Not only do they refuse to even try reining in their left-wing bias, they completely embrace it. Of course, this would not be an issue if they were honest about their political leanings. Pretending to be objective has allowed these people to masquerade as actual journalists instead of political commentators. But the declining trust in the news media reveals that nobody is buying the charade any longer.”


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