Corporations Collude With Dems to Propagate Jim Crow 2.0 Myth


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Corporate America appears to be gearing up for a full-on fight with states whose legislatures are passing laws related to election integrity. A group of high-profile business leaders met recently to discuss how they might use their influence to pressure state governments into doing their bidding when it comes to voting laws. Could this be the beginning of a strategic alliance between big business and the Democratic Party?

Top Executives Conduct Strategy Meeting

The New York Post reported:

“More than 120 CEOs, top executives and other corporate leaders gathered virtually over the weekend to discuss how they would exert corporate pressure to influence voting legislation, organizers of the meeting revealed in a statement.”

The Zoom meeting among the executives was organized by Yale School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld with the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism and the Leadership Now Project.

The groups did not publicize the names of those who attended the meeting on April 10, but Merck & Co. CEO Kenneth Frazier and American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault were both speakers at the event.

The Wall Street Journal, which originally reported on the meeting, explained that:

“Kenneth Chenault, the former chief executive of American Express Co., and Kenneth Frazier, CEO of Merck & Co., urged the leaders to collectively call for greater voting access, according to several people who attended. Messrs. Chenault and Frazier cautioned businesses against dropping the issue and asked CEOs to sign a statement opposing what they view as discriminatory legislation on voting.”

The Journal indicated that “a statement could come early this week” and that it “would build on one that 72 Black executives signed last month in the wake of changes to Georgia’s voting laws.”

Chenault told attendees that other leaders already indicated that they would sign on, including executives working for PepsiCo, Paypal, Hess Corp., and others.

The group released a statement declaring that “CEOs who participated in a live poll indicated they will re-evaluate donations to candidates supporting bills that restrict voting rights and many would reconsider investments in states which act upon such proposals.”

Corporations Form Alliance With Democrats

Jim Crow

After Georgia passed its new voting law, progressive politicians and media activists criticized the legislation, claiming that it represented a new form of Jim Crow. Hard leftists have claimed, without evidence, that the new measures would disproportionately prevent black Americans from voting. None of these individuals have provided data or any other form of proof that the new laws would suppress the votes of any group of Americans more than another.

Of course, none of this is a surprise, is it?

Those on the left who label voting laws as Jim Crow 2.0 are exploiting black trauma to further their political objectives. Now, they have enlisted — or coerced — corporate America to help them push the agenda. Using threats of boycotts and accusations of racism, the so-called progressive left now uses private companies to drive the deceptive narratives about voting laws.

Still, it is worth noting that these business leaders are concerned with one thing: revenue. If they have to kowtow to the hard left for money, they are more than happy to do so. This truth was seen recently in Major League Baseball’s decision to host its All-Star game in Denver instead of Atlanta as originally planned. Their hypocrisy is easily seen in the fact that, with this decision, they deprived black businesses in Atlanta of much-needed revenue ostensibly to send a message to the state of Georgia.

But their actions reveal a distinct lack of concern for those they claim to be advocating for. Indeed, this is merely another example of corporate virtue-signaling for dollars to boost profits and avoid the teary-eyed wrath of the crybully community. If corporate America truly allies with the hard left, it could easily spell disaster for American society. At this point, all one can do is wait and see how this situation develops.


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