Culture Corner: Game of Thrones Season 8 Remake?


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As one of the most successful franchises in history, the HBO Game of Thrones show that concluded in 2019, any rumors of spin-offs or continuances are bound to be met with some excitement. But the latest buzz is that the far-from-popular final season may be getting a remake.

Surely the idea of remaking a whole season and changing the plot is anathema to the concept of creative credit, right? Well, Game of Thrones is in a unique position and could actually warrant a mulligan.

Author of the series of books upon which the show is based, George R. R. Martin, has yet to finish writing his story. The show was made while just five parts of the proposed seven-book series had been written. Martin has long been promising the release of book six, titled The Winds of Winter, but no release date is yet set.

The series originally remained somewhat faithful to the source material, but when producers got to the end of book five, it continued without a guiding plot. Although Martin was involved in the production of the successful show, it remains to be seen where his characters and story will go in the written form.

The buzz has been renewed because the official Twitter account of Game of Thrones released a message saying, “Winter is Coming.” This classic line from the story portends something big is on its way. However, no information has been released on what this might be.

Fans are hopeful that a remake of the final season is on the cards, but it is just as likely that either a prequel or sequel show could be in the making. Martin has written other books and series based in his fictional land of Westeros –  all to some acclaim – so it seems likely that fans of the epic will be getting more material.

Whether that is a retelling that could require another retelling when book six is finally released remains to be seen.

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