Election still hangs in the balance as battleground state results linger


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Charlotte, NC – The battle for the President of the United States lingers into its second day as key battleground states have yet to fully report. Of the races called, most everyone agrees that Joe Biden has a lead in the electoral vote count over President Trump. That does not mean the President is out of this race.

President Trump picked up key wins in Ohio and Florida, both of which were crucial in his bid for reelection. As the map started to fill in, it told the story of President Trump and his supporters across the south and the midwest.

Biden also had strong showings, as was expected. He won the entire Pacific west coast and the majority of New England states. He successfully flipped Arizona away from President Trump as well.

While the candidates both performed well in the states they were expected, key states are still uncalled and the election is far from decided.

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In the early morning hours, President Trump held leads in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. A sweep of those states will lead him to another four years. A loss in any of them makes it nearly impossible.

Georgia and North Caroina are both expected to be called at some point in the day on Wednesday. Based on the information that is currenlty available, it does look like President Trump will most likely hold on in Georgia.

North Carolina had over 100,000 mail in ballots still out to be counted. If the ratio remains the same, President Trump will win North Carolina. If there is any deviation towards Joe Biden in those results, it places the state at risk for President Trump.

Wisconsin is growing increasingly unlikely for President Trump. Early reports were strong for the President. As the night continued, the totals swung into the favor of Joe Biden. As final votes are being tallied, it appears Biden may win the state.

Now, the attention turns to the potential court battle. President Trump has promised to fight the election results if necessary and it appears it may be necessary. Many states are continuing to receive and accept votes, even when they are accepted after deadlines and cutoffs.

Democrats argue that every vote deserves to be counted, while Republicans have argued that there are deadlines and regulations for a reason. It is highly unlikely that the election, if it comes down to a few thousand votes in these key states, does not end without a legal battle.

The one bright spot for Republicans is that they will remain in control of the Senate. While Democrats were successful in flipping a few Senate Seats, Republicans appear to have escaped. Dan Sullivan (Alaska), David Perdue (Georgia), Susan Collins (Maine), and Thom Tillis (North Carolina) are all expected to hold on for victories, guaranteeing the Republicans 51 seats in the Senate.

Stay tuned as we will continue to keep you updated on the latest eleciton developments. The Pennsylvania and Michigan have emerged as the two key states for President Trump. Democrats claim they expect some upcoming movement in Michigan which would give Biden the win.

The Mainstream Media Is Up To Something Big

This weekend is going to be filled with mainstream media attacks and deception as American’s continue to go out to their polling place and vote for the next leader of our country. On Thursday, there were two great examples of what you can expect from two big media outlets.

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