ESPN’s FPI Gives Alabama The Best National Title Odds, Iowa State Is Fourth


ESPN thinks Alabama has the best shot at winning the national title this upcoming football season.

In the first FPI rankings of the season, the Crimson Tide are ranked number one and have a 30.8% chance of winning the title. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Oklahoma ranks second overall, and the Sooners’ title chances are at a very respectable 25.7%. Clemson is a distant third at 15.4% to win the national championship.

Only seven total teams have at least a 1% chance to win the title.

The most shocking part of the FPI rankings is the fact that Iowa State – yes, Iowa State – has the fourth best national title odds at 9.4%.

How are the Cyclones ranked so incredibly high? Sure, they had a solid 2020 season and Matt Campbell is a great coach, but giving ISU nearly a 10% chance of winning the national title seems laughable.

They’re ranked ahead of Ohio State, Texas A&M, Georgia, Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Seems like a big stretch!

ESPN’s FPI also apparently loves Mike Leach because the Bulldogs have the ninth best national title odds and are predicted to win eight games.

Seeing as how bad the Bulldogs were last season, that’s saying a whole hell of a lot.

As for the Badgers, we have a .3% chance of winning the title and a 4.4% shot of making the playoff. You’ll have to excuse me as I go laugh myself into tomorrow. What a joke.

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