Fallout in Georgia Continues As Raffensperger Dodges Questions


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Charlotte, NC — The fallout continues after President Donald Trump pushed Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to look closer at election fraud. By now, most everyone has heard the edited audio from The Washington Post and the left’s opinion that President Donald Trump is guilty of attempted election fraud. Two Democrats asked the FBI to get involved on Monday and conduct an investigation.

Raffensperger has indicated that he will not launch an investigation into Trump but shared that others may. He seemed to support such an investigation.

The Georgia district attorney over the Atlanta region has indicated that she will pursue any case referred to her about President Donald Trump. She said that once the investigation is complete, she will pursue charges.

Charges do not appear to be warranted in the case, however. All the mainstream media say that Trump was attempting to elicit election fraud. They have claimed that the phone call, of which the full transcript is available, would stand as probable cause for the investigation.

In the aftermath of the Georgia election, Raffensperger has been anything other than honest. He has avoided investigations into claims and continues to maintain that there are. no issues. Even though other states have found multiple instances of voter fraud, he insists that nothing happened in Georgia.

He didn’t seem so confident in the immediate responses. He certainly did not seem as confident when he faced direct questions about his response in an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum.

Georgia Secretary of State admits to knowing Trump phone call would be leaked

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger discusses leaked audio of his phone call with President Trump ahead of the Georgia senate runoff race with Mart…

MacCallum is correct, Raffensperger is responding in a manner that seems like he is holding a grudge. Of course, it should not be surprising. Republicans are sharply divided over the election situation and the Georgia call.

One could probably make the argument that President Donald Trump’s call was not the best call as far as appearance. Yet, the transcript clearly shows that he was asking for action on election fraud, not an attempt to create election fraud. This is similar to the quid pro quo type situation that Democrats tried to make into a big deal last year.

There are clear indications across the country that our election system has issues. With dead people voting, people casting multiple ballots, and election laws that are not being followed, there must be action to address the issues. That includes assuring that the 2020 election was fair, honest, and accurate.

Raffensperger can be mad because he is being called out for not doing his job. He is obviously upset that his family received death threats. Rather than being childish, the proper response would be to do your job and do it well so there are no questions.

If he has the evidence, show it. If he conducted the investigation and found no issues, prove it. I said the same thing about President Donald Trump and the allegations of voter fraud. They delivered evidence just as they needed to.

This is not about an attempt to commit election fraud. This is not about criminal charges on Trump or anything of the sort. This is about someone that is filled with pride that their job is being criticized. He does not like being questioned, which sounds more like a Democrat than a Republican. Which could explain a lot.

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