Florida under attack over coronavirus response


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Jacksonville, FL — Over the weekend, multiple left-wing radicals decided to go on the attack of Florida. They wanted to claim that Florida was a hotbed of coronavirus activity and that the state was essentially killing all its residents. After all, that’s been the story of the mainstream media throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The attacks started after President Donald Trump stated that the state of Florida was doing well. Trump tweeted that lockdowns were hurting so many people, yet Florida was doing well. Many outlets picked up that story, which set off the left-wing attack.

It started with a tweet from Rebekah Jones, the COVID-19 analyst from Florida who has been on the attack since she was fired. She reported that the Florida panhandle hospitals were at capacity and the case numbers for Saturday. Florida had reported just over 17,000 new cases.

Then, a left-wing lawyer and activist retweeted calling Florida ground zero for death and sickness.

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Florida is NOT doing well. It’s ground zero for death and sickness https://t.co/erTnhb3C0l

The same lawyer tweeted on Sunday about Sen. Marco Rubio and the spreading of COVID disinformation. The story was about Rubio calling Fauci a liar and an elitist. Another tweet on Sunday shared that Florida was not doing well.

But it seems that Mr. Uhlfelder forgets to check the data from other areas, simply spreading propaganda that is promoted by the left. Yes, the coronavirus is spreading in Florida and cases are on the rise, but so are they in nearly every other state.

Karol Markowicz from the NY Post quickly slammed the suggestion that Florida was a hotbed for coronavirus. She didn’t share more rhetoric and stories from the media. She used actual data to prove her point.

In her tweet, Markowicz shared data that shows that Florida, California, and New York all have similar coronavirus outbreak numbers, despite the ridiculous lockdowns in New York and California. She goes on to show that the death rates have been much higher in California and New York than in Florida.

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Anyone tweeting that Florida is not doing well is just hoping. It’s not even debatable. Anything can happen but right this minute both NY and California would trade with Florida and everyone knows it. And Florida is wide open while CA and NY are crippled with closures. pic.twitter.com/xNPgx6CnBF

The truth is that the shutdowns are doing nothing to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The left continues to argue that we must trust the data and the science, which proves yet again that the shutdown measures are pointless.

The only thing that the closures are accomplishing is to destroy our economy, small businesses, and ruin the financial stability of the American people. This has been the argument from conservatives the entire time. If the shutdowns are not saving lives, why do we still have them?

I am not doubting that the coronavirus is real. I have never once said that the virus is fake or a conspiracy. I have always maintained that there are common-sense measures that can be taken to help control the spread of the coronavirus. Please note that I said common-sense. These are things that you should already be doing in the middle of a flu season or outbreak of any other illness.

Instead, we are seeing the mainstream media and left-wing activists continuing to divide our country over the coronavirus. They continue to push the message that anywhere under conservative leadership is stupid. They have done it with President Donald Trump and they continue to target states that believe similarly. Even when the outcomes are the exact same.

The evidence is clear that the shutdowns are not working. It’s hard to argue the data from Florida when compared to New York and California. Their approach has been completely the opposite of each other, with the same outcome. The left wants Florida to fail. Instead, Florida is doing well, just like President Donald Trump said.

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