Get The Ultimate At-Home Detox With This Heated Sauna Blanket, Now 14% Off


Even if you live a somewhat healthy lifestyle, toxins can easily accumulate in your body, from aluminum in your favorite deodorant to pesticides in the coffee beans that make your cup of Joe each morning. But by getting a good sweat out every once in a while, you can get rid of dangerous toxins that could be harmful to your health down the line.

While hopping into a sauna or taking part in a detoxing program can be helpful, it can really make a serious dent in your wallet, which is why this affordable at-home option is a total game-changer. Say hello to the MiHIGH Heated Sauna Blanket, a device that uses advanced infrared heating to help you sweat things out all from the comfort of your own home.

Just like the popular infrared sauna, this heated blanket encourages good, healthy sweat sessions, clearing out toxins and giving you that coveted “post-sauna high.” And for those hoping to shed some weight, regular use of the MiHIGH Heated Sauna Blanket can result in the burning of 300 to 600 per session! Now, that’s way easier than running on the treadmill.

Even if you’re new to the world of heated saunas, using the MiHIGH Heated Sauna Blanket couldn’t be easier. Simply lay it on your bed or any other heat-proof surface, and slide on in! Its included controller makes adjusting the temperature easy, and it even comes with a convenient carrying case!

Featured in countless publications, including The Times, Body + Soul Magazine, and GQ, who claim the “benefits of an infrared sauna are manifold,” it’s clear that the MiHIGH Heated Sauna Blanket is taking the world by storm.

Check out what real people just like you are saying about the heated sauna blanket online!

“The MiHigh is an excellent sauna replacement and even better as it is portable and able to be used at any convenience.” — Sam F.

I love how quickly it heats up and how easy it is to clean and put away. This is absolutely worth the investment, and I would recommend it to anyone…” — Courtney J.

My Mihigh is helping me lose weight very quickly.” — Iliana R.

Get the MiHIGH Heated Sauna Blanket at 14% off, making it $424.99 for a limited time!

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