Jets report card: This team does nothing well


Grading the Jets after their 36-7 loss to the Colts on Sunday.


The Jets had some success moving the ball again, but it did not matter as they reached the end zone just once. QB Sam Darnold (17-of-29, 168 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 47.0 QB rating) had one of his worst games with two interceptions returned for touchdowns. The Jets did not reach Colts territory in the second half. The Colts defense outscored the Jets offense 16-7. Coach Adam Gase has no answers and the offense looks inept.

Grade: F


The Colts rolled up 353 total yards. It was not big plays this week, just consistent holes in the Jets defense that allowed QB Philip Rivers (17-of-21, 217 yards, 1 TD, 125.6 rating) to have his way. The Jets pass rush was non-existent with one quarterback hit and no sacks. With soft coverage, poor tackling and no pass rush, this defense is not doing anything well.

Grade: F

Special Teams

Josh Malone had one nice kick return for 40 yards, but they did not do much else. Chris Hogan had four fair catches on punt returns. Rookie punter Braden Mann averaged 42 yards on five punts, but had a few mishits. The coverage teams did well against the Colts returners.

Grade: C


What does this team do well? The answer is nothing. That falls on the coaches. Adam Gase appears to be coaching for his job as he has now had three straight terrible performances. Gregg Williams should not escape criticism, though. His defense was a no-show again. It is hard to imagine it getting much worse than this.

Grade: F

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