Joe Biden is an embarrassment to America


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Charlotte, NC — Over the past few days, we have heard nonstop stories about how Joe Biden is an amazing person and will be a fantastic leader for the American people. We heard all of those stories from the same people that told us Joe Biden was ahead by 15-20 points in the polls and there was no way he wouldn’t win the election. We were told of a big blue wave that was coming. We are still waiting.

Joe Biden did not win a decisive victory. In fact, he has yet to win a victory in the election. Multiple states have yet to declare official winners and legal challenges are still present. In 2000, we did not know who our President would be until December, so it is not unprecedented.

Biden has called for unity, saying he sees the opposing viewpoint and wants to be a leader of all. Then he proceeds to attack the man that 70 million Americans put their trust in. He said that President Donald Trump was an embarrassment.

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The comments came as Biden talked about how he was already working on his transition team. He has already named some task force members and plans to announce some cabinet members by Thanksgiving. As a reminder, he has still yet to officially win the election.

The real embarrassment here is not President Trump. President Trump has lost millions by being involved in government. He loves his country and has sacrificed every day for it.

The real embarrassment is Joe Biden. The man who has spent over 40 years in government, getting rich on the backs of American taxpayers. You see Joe Biden did not make millions from simply being a lawyer. He made his money by deceiving Americans for over 40 years.

He made his money by conducting a quid pro quo in Ukraine. He made his money selling American interests through his son in China. That is an embarrassment.

For over 40 years, Joe Biden has failed the American people. He has told the minorities he had their best interest in mind while proceeding to pass legislation where he would lock them up in disproportionate numbers.

He told Americans that if they liked their doctors, they could keep them. All the while passing legislation that I am convinced he has not read himself. If he had, he would see what a failure the program is and how it should be scrapped.

He claims that Americans should have faith in the election process and how it is conducted. He said that Americans should trust that there was no voter fraud involved. Yet, Americans do not trust him.

Since he was named President, a new poll shows that 70% of Americans do not believe the election was fair. Of that poll, only 40% were Republican respondents. Even Democrats know that their politicians are corrupt and stole the election.

Biden claims that Trump is the embarrassment, but I think he should look in the mirror. For 40 years, Biden has failed the American people. He has lied, deceived, and cheated his way into wealth and power. Now, just now after 40 years in politics, he wants you to believe he can fix it all.

Joe Biden will never earn the trust of conservatives. The left will never again have the trust of conservatives. They will never succeed in unifying our country.

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The real embarrassment is the fact that Democrats have used this man, dementia-stricken as he is, to try to gain control and push America into their form of communism. The real embarrassment is that they believe Americans are too stupid to pay attention or to realize what is taking place around them.

President Trump is not the embarrassment as Joe Biden would like to claim. The real embarrassment is Joe Biden.

The Real Embarrassment To Our Country Is The Left

In recent comments, Joe Biden said that President Trump is an embarrassment to our country because he will not recognize the results of the election and Joe Biden as President-elect. The problem is, the election is not over as there are still legal cases pending.

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