Joe Biden’s ‘idea’ strikes again in Portland on New Years Eve


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Portland, OR — Just a few short months ago, Joe Biden stood on stage and declared that Antifa was an idea, not an organization. While he has made comments to condemn the violence, he has done little to encourage the violence to stop. In case you forget what he said, he made the statement near the end of this clip.

Trump and Biden discuss Portland protest violence, Proud Boys and Antifa during presidential debate

Presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for president, if he had reached out to try to stop the violence in Por…

That idea that Joe Biden talks about, continues to terrorize the streets of Portland and again attacked law enforcement on New Year’s Eve. The Democrats refuse to do anything about the violence and simply allow it to happen. There are many videos from the ground overnight that show just how coordinated this ‘idea’ really is.

Let’s start with the videos of simply their destruction. Here’s one that journalist Andy Ngo shared where Antifa set a car on fire. This was after they destroyed businesses in the downtown area.

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Antifa started multiple fires at their riot in downtown Portland after smashing up businesses. #PortlandRiots

Another independent reporter, Brendan Gutenschwager shared other videos. He shared this one of a Starbucks in downtown being destroyed amid what I am sure the mainstream media will call “peaceful protests.”

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A Starbucks is ransacked in downtown Portland during tonight’s anti-police, anti-capitalism New Years Eve demonstration #PortlandProtests #NewYearsEve #Portland

Here’s another video of the abuse that law enforcement is enduring each night in Portland. Bottles being thrown at them. Fireworks were thrown around them. God bless these men and women who choose to serve as their Democratic leader refuses to support them.

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In downtown Portland outside the Hatfield federal courthouse, antifa rioted for New Years by launching mortar fireworks and projectiles at police. #PortlandRiots #antifa

Reports are that 41 windows were broken on a downtown office tower at a cost of $5,000 each. That’s just one building, not counting the other damages that were done by these terrorists.

It’s just another night for Portland where the Democrats would rather let you live in fear of these terrorists than to put an end to it as they should. As you can see, this is far from an idea. It’s a reality the people of Portland are living night after night.

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