Liberal last-minute state residency requests leading to increased new voter registration in Georgia just days before the runoff election to determine the Senate majority.


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Charlotte, N.C. — Liberals are at it again; this time, using last-minute residency requests for voter registrations in Georgia. On Sunday, ABC News stated that new voter registration in the state of Georgia has increased by nearly 29,000 ahead of Tuesday’s Senate Runoff Election. Incumbent David Perdue (R) and Jon Ossoff (D) advanced to runoff from the November 3, 2020, election for the U.S. Senate in Georgia as no candidate won most of the vote. Sen. Perdue beat Jon Ossoff with 49.7% of the vote and a margin of 88,098 votes. 

Liberals are spending money at a record pace to ensure victory and a majority in the U.S. Senate. Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock blew past fundraising records set just earlier this year by raising more than $100 million each in only two months for their races against GOP incumbent Sens. David Perdue Kelly Loeffler.

Should he indeed prove victorious over President Donald Trump, Joe Biden needs partners in the Senate to get things done. Conservatives across the country are ascending in protest on Washington D.C. ahead of Congress’s joint-session on January 6 to certify the state’s “official election results formally.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and at least 11 other Republican senators have committed to challenging the certification of the Electoral College results on January 6, joining an unknown number of House Republicans. Cruz said he wanted to do an emergency 10-day audit of the results.

Speaking on “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo,” Cruz stated that Congress must investigate potential voter fraud.

“We went into this election with the country deeply divided, deeply polarized,” Cruz said on the Fox News Channel program, “and we’ve seen in the last two months unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, and that’s produced a deep, deep distrust of our democratic process across the country. I think we in Congress must do something about that. We must protect the integrity of the democratic system.”

He also said he wished the Supreme Court, which twice declined to hear challenges to Biden’s election, had agreed to sort out the issue — and said that President Donald Trump had asked him to make his argument before the nation’s top Court.

With the newly seated Justice Amy Coney Barrett, conservatives control votes on the Court. Donald Trump and his supporters have urged The Supreme Court to hear fraud issues; however, it is clear that without any lower court ruling, SCOTUS will not provide certiorari.

In traditional form, Democrats are relying on their grassroots movement to encourage new voters to turn out to solidify their power in the U.S. Senate.

While 29,000 is a considerable number of newly registered voters in less than two months, what is concerning is that no data is showing where these voters are coming from? Are these lifelong Georgia residents who didn’t see the need to make their voices heard in the nightly contested 2020 Presidential Election? Or, are these liberal transplants with the sole purpose of stealing yet another election from conservatives and the American People?

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