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Calls Mount for Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire

Justice Stephen Breyer visited Harvard Law School to deliver a speech – one that angered many on the left and had them demanding the elder justice retire. Breyer spoke of court-packing and the problems associated with it. This comes as President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order setting up a commission to study the issue. The left had hoped the justice would have retired this year to open a seat on the Supreme Court for Biden to fill, but now they are trying to force Breyer to retire.

De Blasio Riding Roller Coasters Amidst Pandemic

Another Democratic politician is catching heat for enjoying himself while riding a roller coaster. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated the reopening of Coney Island and the amusement parks for which a spokesman for the mayor said he was “having too much fun.” While some criticize local leaders for reopening during a pandemic, de Blasio visited the set of “Nora Forms Queens” television show and remarked about celebrating the reopening of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Lincoln Center.

Michigan Governor Urges Suspension of In-Person Classes

While de Blasio celebrates at an amusement park, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, urges the suspension of in-person high school classes citing a new spike in COVID Cases.  “We all have to step up our game for the next two weeks to bring down rising cases, and that is why I am calling on high schools to voluntarily go remote for the next two weeks past spring break, calling on youth sports to voluntarily suspend games and practices for two weeks,” she said.

Biden’s Southern Border Coordinator to Step Down

President Joe Biden’s Southern Border coordinator has announced she will step down from her position at the end of this month. Roberta Jacobson, the former ambassador to Mexico, will be leaving during what many are calling a border crisis. “Consistent with her commitment to serve in the administration’s first 100 days, Ambassador Jacobson will retire from her role as Coordinator at the end of this month,” Jake Sullivan, national security advisor, said in a statement.

Woman Gets Jail Time for Coughing on Cancer Patient

A Florida woman was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail for coughing on a cancer patient last year during the COVID pandemic. According to authorities, Debra Hunter was having a heated argument with employees when Heather Sprague started recording the confrontation. Hunter then reportedly coughed on the ill woman, causing concern within the family about contracting the coronavirus. The victim told the judge that she struggled for days to find a place to get tested for the virus after the incident.

Judge Orders Assault Accusers to Come Forward Publicly

So far, 22 women have anonymously filed lawsuits against Deshaun Watson, an NFL quarterback, for sexual harassment and sexual assault. Two judges, however, ordered 13 of the women to come forward publicly. Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, filed emergency motions to request the women refile the complaints using their legal names within two business days.

A Fight Between Two Mrs. Worlds

To be Mrs. World, one must not be divorced and the reigning Mrs. World, Caroline Jurie from Sri Lanka, wanted to make sure her crown did not go to a divorcee. Reports say Jurie stormed on stage and snatched the crown from Pushpika De Silva, also from Sri Lanka, and apparently injured the woman’s head in the process. “There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to make the crown go to second place,” Jurie said. The crown was given to the runner-up, Jurie was arrested, and De Silva said she is separated and not yet divorced so the crown was “insultfully” taken from her.

Author Claims Prince Philip Supported Princess Diana

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and husband to Queen Elizabeth II, passed away at the age of 99 on April 9.  British author Tom Quinn told Fox News that Philip, who was an outsider like Princess Diana, was a supporter of the shy princess. “Philip spent seven decades walking behind the queen both literally and metaphorically – but he was the backbone of the royals’ private life, supporting Diana during her most difficult periods,” the author said.

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