No, Stacey Abrams did not deliver Georgia for the Democrats


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Atlanta, GA — As results started pouring in for the 2020 election, one state was a definite surprise. Georgia, which has been a Republican stronghold for quite some time, seemingly was moving blue. After the mainstream media declared, without official results completed, that Joe Biden was the President-elect, the media immediately started praising one person for delivering Georgia.

Stacey Abrams, the failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate for the Democrats was heralded as the reason Democrats took the state of Georgia. Politico, The New York Times, CNN, and many more outlets ran articles praising her for her work to deliver the state blue.

Except Abrams did not deliver the state blue. In a year that we were told there would be a massive blue wave, that never happened, by the way, one would have expected that Democrats would have run the table in all the elections in Georgia. Except they did not.

In the 2020 election, the makeup across Georgia did not change much from the 2018 election where Abrams lost by 55,000 votes to Republican Governor Brian Kemp. It was an election that was separated by less than 1.5% of the votes cast. The 2020 election was even closer, separated by only .2% based on current results.

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If you look further, you can see that there was no real delivery for the Democrats in the Senate races. Both races are headed for a runoff, where incumbent Purdue is ahead by almost 90,000 votes. The other incumbent, Loeffler, should easily win once Doug Collins Republican voters are behind her.

If Abrams was really delivering the state, neither of these races would have been competitive for Republicans. Even across House races, Republicans held each seat they had in Georgia, with none of them turning blue or being at risk even. Again, Abrams did not deliver anything for the Democrats.

This brings us to the Presidential portion of the election. As it stands now, Biden leads President Trump by 10,000 votes. He very well may win the state of Georgia as results become certified, but that has yet to happen. We are not sure the status of outstanding ballots, potential recounts, or legal cases in the state.

So what has Abrams done to help in the 2020 election? If she was so successful, let’s look at the things that she has done to deliver Democrats areas that were red, attempting to turn them blue.

She pushed in Missouri becoming involved in the Governor’s race attempting to turn that state blue. That governor won by over 17%. She campaigned in North Carolina for Biden, where President Trump still leads by over 75,000 votes. Sen. Tillis (R) also leads here in NC as well.

She became involved in Mississippi, where Republicans won 3 of the 4 House races. She campaigned in Alabama, where Republicans won the Senate seat and Trump easily handled the Presidential race. There are more examples, but I will stop there.

So not only did she fail to have an effect on the races in her home state, she failed to have an effect on races everywhere she went. It’s because she is a failed candidate, that everyone understands is an ineffective leader. There is absolutely no reason to give Abrams praise for anything she did in this race.

As of Friday, there were still over 22,000 votes outstanding to be counted in the State of Georgia. In other words, the race is still not over. President Trump has said he will file more lawsuits in the state. There is a possibility it could still be won by President Trump.

This is just another example of how the mainstream media is feeding the American public propaganda to try to push their way. They want Abrams on the national stage. They want her in some prominent position in the Biden administration.

They will most likely succeed as Biden has already shown he is willing to do the desire of the mainstream media and his progressive supporters. She has been pushed as a potential head of the Justice Department by some media outlets.

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She failed to deliver results for Biden in the areas she was brought in to help him. She failed to win her gubernatorial race in 2018, and she will be a failure in any cabinet position. Of course, what do we expect from the party who has no issues in voting in a man stricken with dementia.

The Left’s Mission To Silence Conservatives

While we wait for the election results, a picture of what Joe Biden’s America will be for conservatives continues to come into view. It’s not overly surprising, we’ve been experiencing these things for some time. It’s just going to become much, much worse in the coming days if he wins.

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