Police Investigating After Guinness World Record’s Biggest Rabbit Stolen from Owner’s Garden


When you think of a rabbit, what you think of is probably something small, cute and fluffy. But just as with dogs, there are a variety of breeds and some of them are massive.

“Darius,” a giant breed rabbit from Stoulton, Worcestershire, owned by Annette Edwards, is perhaps the largest rabbit around. In 2010, he officially won the title “Longest Rabbit Living” in the Guinness World Records, coming in at a whopping 4 feet, 3 inches in length.

Edwards fell in love with the breed of rabbit in 2004, according to what she said in one interview. The rabbits have a large garden and custom hutches, and Edwards claims they act more like dogs than their smaller counterparts.

Edwards told BBC that Darius comes from an award-winning line, and his mother, Alice, held the record of “Longest Rabbit Living” before he did.

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That was some time ago, and it seems that Darius has run into a bit of a problem. He’s old now in rabbit years, but according to his owner, Annette Edwards, he’s turned up missing and she suspects he’s been stolen.

“It is believed the Continental Giant rabbit was stolen from its enclosure in the garden of the property of its owners overnight on Saturday (10 April – 11 April),” the West Mercia Police shared in a statement.

“The rabbit is quite unique in the fact it is 4ft in size and has been awarded a Guinness Record for being the biggest rabbit in the world.

“If you have any information on the whereabouts of Darius the rabbit or have information about the incident please contact PC Daren Riley on via 101 quoting reference 00286_I_11042021.”

Edwards has posted multiple times online, asking for her beloved bunny’s return and offering a substantial reward for his safe journey home.

“Guinness World Record Darius has been stolen,” Edwards posted on Facebook on April 11. “The Police are doing everything they can to find out who has taken him from his home.

“There is a reward of £1,000 Darius is to old to breed now. Please if anyone knows anything can you help.”

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“Please please bring Darius back I am so upset,” she wrote in an update from Tuesday. “I am putting the reward up to £2,000.”

Hopefully, Darius will be returned to his rightful owner soon so he can live out the rest of his days in peace and quiet, enjoying his title until it’s time to transfer it to another contender — perhaps one of his offspring.

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