President Biden: The First 100 Days


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Charlotte, N.C. – Joe Biden and the Democrats have claimed victory in 2020, despite the continued legal battles promised by Donald Trump and Republicans. This week, both Biden and Harris took to the airwaves, fully embraced by their buddies of the liberal mainstream media to paint their picture of foretold pandering campaign promises of increased personal and business taxation, bigger government, more regulation, and continue attacks on individual liberty. 

Joe Biden addressed the country as president-elect on Saturday, citing unity among Americans, especially the nearly 50% who didn’t vote for his progressive platform—spotlighting a return to the same old dated, Democratic political policies that domestically failed our nation and weakened our international resolve around the world. Joe Biden will discontinue “America First,” instead, he will Democratically sellout the soul of the United States to the highest bidder. 

Biden’s presidential campaign was full of attacks on the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it will be Joe’s turn to curb COVID-19. Of course, in a typical liberal fashion, Biden will attempt to take the glory for progress made during Trump’s administration, especially the COVID-19 vaccine advancements.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 and the stabilization of the national economy will plague any upcoming Biden administration, that is, if he indeed assumes power. Assuming Donald Trump’s legal battles falter, Joe Biden will be the oldest president ever elected to office. It is clear that Biden suffers from medical issues, and for some within the medical field, the most obvious is his apparent struggle with dementia. 

Apart from the apparent, what is most concerning is just who Joe Biden and the Democrats have in mind for key cabinet positions within a Biden/Harris, or Harris and someone else, once Joe Biden is deemed medically unfit to hold office.  

Joe Biden was puppeteered by the left to centralized the stance of the liberal agenda – and now that has formalized, he will attempt to plug the worse of liberal politicians into crucial cabinet positions as an appeasement to the radical left progressives in his party. 

So, who are possible cabinet contenders in a Biden administration? 

Defense – Tammy Duckworth

A retired Army National Guard lieutenant colonel and former Representative, IL 8th District (2013–2017). Duckworth would be another affirmative action feather in Biden’s cap by being the first minority female (Duckworth is Thai-American) to hold Secretary of Defense’s office.

State – Susan Rice

Rice needs no introduction; her utter failures in 2012 in Benghazi led to the senseless killing of the American ambassador. Rice and Biden have a great relationship, and Biden would most assuredly consider someone with whom she has the experience, regardless if that experience proved deadly in the past. Biden, like any other Democrat, rewards allegiance and hardly considers American’s firm stance in the world as a motivator. 

Treasury – Elizabeth Warren

Current Massachusetts senator; former chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), Warren would most assuredly receive a gift of some sort for her bowing out to Biden in the 2020 election. As Treasury Secretary and the first female to hold the job, Warren could control the markets, interest rates and direct her “free everything” mantra advertised and displayed during her Democratic bid for president. 

Health and Human Services – Dr. Mandy Cohen

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Cohen is North Carolina’s current health and adjunct professor in health policy and management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Under NC Governor Cooper’s administration, Cohen has been instrumental in her health policies and mandates that have killed small businesses and led to N.C. leading the nation in COVID-19-related job losses. Cohen would fit nicely into Biden’s narrative of creating and enforcing strict federal regulations to battle the coronavirus.

Labor – Bernie Sanders

Current Vermont senator and former Vermont congressman, Bernie Sanders, as Secretary of Labor, would institutionalize his $15 per hour increased minimum wage that would cripple small businesses and increase financial burdens for families checkout lines. Gas prices would hit $5 a gallon, and goods and services would increase by 10-25%, offsetting any pay increase. 

Biden has many positions to fill, and he will most assuredly turn to the liberal “Who’s Who” to fill them. 

I know millions and millions of Americans are upset with the outcome of the 2020 election – I, being one of them. But as I previously stated, I am not here to speak of the Trump legacy; instead, I am here to talk to the American-conservative cause, and that is, to ensure that Joe Biden is a lame-duck president. After all, in his 47 years in public service, he has accomplished nothing of significance; why should another four years be any different.

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With their lack of inner-commitment, many on the left lack sacrifice of self, and love and understanding of God Almighty that has ruined our country. Today’s schools are teaching acceptance of lousy behavior as acceptable. Our nation’s churches have been plagued with sensationalism and social perversion. They have attempted to rewrite the gospels of Jesus Christ to appeal to the masses, hiding behind our Savior’s love and compassion as a means to hold up their weak stance of social morality hypocritically.

These issues are far more critical than the legacy of one man – even Donald Trump. For a Biden win in 2020 wasn’t a referendum against one man’s policies – no, it was a platform that placed our population on the precipice of collapse. The state of our union is soft, and the outlook is bleak. 

Domestically, we have rewarded mediocrity for far too long, and internationally, we are a laughing stock and disservice to the global community who look to America to show a success. Do you know why global leaders from counties such as Canada, Germany, and Sweden have relished in a Biden victory? Because misery loves company – and there is nothing more vital than banding together with like-minded and kind that share in your disharmony and destitution. 

I am ashamed of our country and the choice made to simply give-in and give-up and the gifts of freedom and liberty given to us by our nation’s founders. Indeed, the souls of John Adams and Hancock, George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, men of honor, men of humble dedication to this country, must be turning over in their graves and disgusted with the new liberal design of our democracy. 

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