REPORT: A Woman In India Is Suing Prince Harry After She Was Tricked Into Thinking He Wanted To Marry Her


An Indian woman reportedly filed suit against Prince Harry after she allegedly fell for a catfish scheme in which she believed the Duke of Sussex was going to marry her.

Palwinder Kaur claimed Prince Harry had contacted her via social media, according to a report published Tuesday by the Independent.

After Kaur failed to marry Prince Harry, she reportedly filed an appeal with the Haryana High Court. The woman allegedly demanded police arrest the prince so the two could get married “without any further delay,” the outlet reported. (RELATED: Brad Pitt Gets $100K Lawsuit Dismissed After Woman Claimed He Took Money From Her, Discussed Marriage)

Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan dismissed Kaur’s plea calling her claims “nothing but just a daydreamer’s fantasy about marrying Prince Harry,” according to the Independent. The court claimed the person actually pretending to be Prince Harry was running a catfishing scheme out of an internet café in the northern Punjab state, the outlet reported.

This isn’t the first time a random person has thought that a celebrity was actually talking to them on the internet. Some woman in Texas attempted to sue Brad Pitt for $100,000 after she claimed he discussed marriage with her and owed her money.

I’ll never understand how these people can be so gullible. Prince Harry has made major headlines in the last year between stepping away from the royal family and the tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. You’d be absolutely mad to think he would be speaking to you over social media.

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