Stolen Due Process Leads to Disqualified Immunity by James Fotis



Posted: Apr 21, 2021 12:01 AM

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Cops, Police Officers, Troopers. Whatever they’re called they are part of a unique group of men and women who have chosen a profession. They have the responsibility to protect and serve their community 24/7. Truth and justice is their guiding mantra as they follow the law. The citizens they protect give them the faith to carry on. Those involved in this profession hold no prejudices and go to work each day with no malice against any particular ethnic group. 

Our new progressive society has decided that the good have become the bad and the ugly. While the ugly hide in the courts, the capitals, and the legislatures.  The woke misled liberal District Attorneys and the recently elected Attorney Generals using tainted George Soros campaign funds are leading the charge along with the corrupted media to paint all law enforcement with the broad brush of racism.

Minority communities around the United States want more police rather than less. The protests that have taken place are not a representation of what the majority of citizens want. After Mayor de Blasio pulled the effective Street Crimes Unit from minority neighborhoods, many of those neighborhoods from the Bronx to Brooklyn, protested for the return of the Unit rather than the disbanding, Crime in these areas rose 30-60 % after the Street Crimes Unit was removed.

In light of Maryland’s liberal Democratic Legislature overriding Governor Larry Hogan’s Veto, of legislation that revoked the Police Officer’s Bill of rights, a document that guaranteed law enforcement officer’s due process. Now an officer’s only recourse will be the courts and from the past problems that law enforcement has had in Baltimore and other cities, this legislation becomes a mandate that will cause police recruiting to diminish at a time when job applications in major cities are down by 40% and police suicides are higher than any other time in history. 

Maryland is festering from this major wound in the woke of progressive dementia, NYC Police officers have to deal with the absurdity that caused the city council to do away with qualified immunity for New York City Police. Without qualified immunity, law enforcement officers are open to the whim of the masses. This idiotic move will allow lawsuits against Police officers to rise faster than any other time in history and will cause a mass exodus of city cops like you’ve never seen before. 

As with the call for more gun control legislation, the stupidity continues since there are already more than 22,000 pieces of federal gun control legislation, already on the Federal register. Municipal and state legislatures will continue to tie the hands of law enforcement, no traffic stops, until the first unarmed civilian workers, until the second or third is killed. Traffic stops and family disturbances have the highest mortality rate for police and someone sitting behind a desk wants to put unsuspecting civilians in mortal danger.  

Time to wake up everyone because we are a country of laws and we need to enforce those laws, or the United States will be a country run by criminals. Law-biding citizens should be saying defend the police instead of defunding the police before there are no police to defund. 

James Fotis is the President of the National Center for Police Defense(NCPD), former Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, and served for fourteen years as a Police Officer for the Lynbrook New York Police Department, retiring as the highest decorated officer in department’s history. NCPD helps police officers who are charged with a crime for doing their job the way they were trained. There are police charged daily by the new progressives running our criminal justice system.

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