Stories about new coronavirus strain are just media fearmongering


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Charlotte, NC — Before Christmas, there were reports about a new coronavirus strain in the UK. It was spreading rapidly in southern England and was suspected to be much more contagious than the first strain of the virus that was identified.

Then US media outlets began reporting that the virus was here, attempting to spread more fear as we head into the new year. First, it was in Colorado, then it was in California. Late in the day on Thursday, Florida became the third state to report that it had detected a case of this new strain.

Those who were identified to have the new strain of the virus in California and Florida had not traveled, showing the strain had been here for some time already. The first cases found in Colorado were similar, with no international travel for the members of the Colorado National Guard.

This brings me to the point. The mainstream media is setting off news alerts, writing multiple articles, and driving this story to Americans about the coronavirus. What is the point?

This is not the first time that a mutation of the coronavirus has been experienced. It was reported back in March that at least two strains of the virus had been detected. So why are they reporting so extensively on this now.

It is also completely common for viruses to mutate. It happens with nearly every virus that we are aware of, including the flu. We certainly do not feel the need to report so expansively over the mutating flu each year.

So we have to step back and look at the overall mission of the mainstream media. What are they trying to accomplish through the push to report this new coronavirus strain?

It is just another fearmongering campaign by the mainstream media. They continue to push these stories and these narratives in order to drive fear into Americans. Fear of the virus, fear where they will stay at home, and fear where they hope Americans will have no problem with the socialist mission that they are working to establish through this virus.

I also believe it’s a mission to drive enough fear into Americans to encourage coronavirus vaccine compliance. The same vaccine that they are reporting is a failure of the Trump administration. There is nothing about the vaccine that is or should be mandatory. This should be considered optional just like the flu vaccine where people can decide for themselves if they want to take it.

By now, we all know that the mainstream media is not reporting anything in order to benefit Americans. Everything is mission-oriented, as they coordinate their stories with the radical socialist to make sure it will accomplish its goal. This is another prime example of that.

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