The Democrat Saviors of the Republican Party


Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are some of the most beloved figures in the Republican Party. Interestingly, both were initially Democrats. Could it be that the future saviors of the Republican Party also come from the Democratic Party?
Conservatives v Liberals
Rush Limbaugh

Psychological research shows that people of different political persuasions also differ in personality traits. Conservatives tend to be conscientious, ordered, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, averse to change. By contrast, liberals are often open-minded and actively seek change and variation. These differences could explain why the Republican Party throughout its history has proven ineffective. For decades, conservatives have passively accepted any narrative change by the left.

For instance, in the latter half of the 20th century, leftists changed the term liberal to include ever more progressive talking points. In response to this, conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh turned liberal into a slur on the right. But why did he not try to conserve the original sense of liberalism? Why did he blindly accept the progressive hijacking of the term?

Perhaps the answer is that this is one of the weaknesses of conservatives: They are blind to language manipulation. They passively react and respond.
Reagan and Trump
Both Reagan and Trump had the skill of taking command of the narrative. When ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson asked Reagan if any of the blame for the recession belonged to the presi…

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