The Fly in Harris’ Dismal Debate Punchbowl


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Charlotte, N.C. – Kamala Harris got killed in this week’s Vice Presidential debate. Still, of course, if you listened to the left-wing media pundits of the political cess-pools of CNN and MSNBC, they would have the American people believe that the debate was a push. That’s right, folks, the liberal-mainstream-media sophisticates would have you think that somehow, someway, Kamala Harris kept her own during her Democratic, dismal performance.

What I wish to layout is not just the bloodbath of Kamala Harris and her Bolshevik broad strokes for America. No, no, it is the systematic picture of deception that she and Joe Biden continue to paint for our nation’s Democracy.

Everyone in America saw the beating that Biden’s chosen mate took during Wednesday’s debate. I’m pretty confident that the fly temporarily claiming residence on Vice President’s head was waving a white flag for poor ole’ Kamala. That’s right, leave it to the liberal media to not talk about how poor Kamala performed; instead, it was more newsworthy for them to discuss an insect on the head of the Vice President – #flygate.

All joking aside, Wednesday debate gave a clear indication of just what the American people are in store for under a “Harris-Biden Administration.” The old saying, “a picture tells a thousand words,” was more than evident – the smug, liberal-symbolism of Trump hatred was on parade on the political stage in Utah. Despite Kamala’s poor attempt at school teacher censorship, she had more time to speak, but flopped, issue after issue.

If you heard, if you are a minority, a female, a gay or lesbian, or an adult child of 26 living on your parent’s couch, you have no financial worries. That’s right, Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, stated over and over, everything you want, from education, healthcare, food, and living expenses, will cost you not one penny. All of this will be free.

Folks, we can sit here and debate, day after day on the failed policies of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party – but the facts are crystal clear. Thus, every Democrat in this country wants Teetotal dependence on every American life from the government’s hands.

For far too long, our nation has forgotten that our Democracy was to keep government as far away from our everyday freedoms as possible. From the air we breathe, the medicine we take, food and house we eat and use, and the money we allocate to our families’ success are the government’s right to control. That is if you buy into the current Democratic Dogma before our nation.

The goal of the Democratic Party, and the sheep they wish to lead to a socialistic-slaughter, is to have government control every aspect of your life. And should you deny or reject their totalitarian advances, hell will follow.

Folks, we are on the precipice of a political hell already. I’m afraid that if Democrats steal their way into the Oval Office and solidify power, our nation will never recover. For over the last 50 – 60 years, liberal-Democrats in this country have nearly perfected the master-political plan to disrupt and disassemble to perfect experiment in the founding of our Democracy.

And here we are – we are attempting to pool together a group of people, who pay nothing and hold zero responsibilities to themselves and their families, and suddenly, elevate them to a status of noteworthiness and notoriety. Democrats in this country say that there is a class system in this country, the have and the have-nots. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are right.

On the one hand, we have a majority of people who work hard, do what they are supposed to do for them and their families, fear God, and face adversity head-on – never blaming others for their shortcomings or expecting someone else to give them a handout.

On the other hand, you have the group of people that support a Harris-Biden administration, always looking for the next freebie, failing to face adversity, and admitting their own mistakes and shortcomings as to the reason for their lack of success.

As I have said before, I am fearful – for a lot of reasons. Mainly, should most of our nation select socialism, we are in for a horrible four years – the likes our country has never seen before. A collision course of communism is on the horizon – our commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, has fought, shielded, and protected to the best of his ability. We must rally behind him, trench ourselves again the radical-left, and say, our freedom, our liberty, and our country is not for sale.

The Fly in Harris’ Dismal Debate Punchbowl

By now, we all saw the beating that Biden’s chosen mate took during Wednesday’s debate. I’m pretty confident that the fly temporarily claiming residence on Vice President’s head was waving a white flag for poor ole’ Kamala.

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