The Left Wants to Silence You by Spencer Brown



Posted: Apr 15, 2021 4:00 PM

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Dear Townhall reader,

For the last five and a half years, I had a front row seat to the radical left’s attacks on conservatives and our ideas on America’s college and university campuses.

At more than 25 different supposedly “elite” institutions – from nights of fiery riots at UC Berkeley to profane protests of our own Katie Pavlich at the University of Wisconsin – I witnessed the tragic and damaging effects of the left’s prescribed way of thinking and living.

The insanity I saw on campuses was never going to stay contained to academic institutions. Radical activists have never simply grown up and left the divisive ideas, rhetoric, and strategies of the left behind. In fact, they’re spreading them like wildfire. That's why we need to fight back.

As we saw all throughout last summer, streets of Democrat-run cities made the worst nights at UC Berkeley look tame. Removed from history curricula in academia, physical statues of our nation’s greatest leaders were toppled by angry mobs… canceled.

The intolerant students who once spent their days shouting down conservative speakers in lecture halls are now editors, bureau chiefs, and “reporters” silencing conservative voices in the media. Those who organized campus protests as members of the hateful Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement are now diversity officers at Fortune 500 companies.

Despite the near-constant attacks on conservatives, we carry on because we know we’re not alone in the ideas we hold dear. That’s why we need you. We can’t let Democrat leaders, leftist activists, or biased media go unchallenged.

I am thrilled to join the team at Townhall because I know conservatives must be bold in speaking up and fearless in speaking out—that’s what our writers and columnists do. Now we need you to stand with us by becoming a Townhall VIP member.

As a member of our Townhall VIP community, you’re not only helping give bold conservative voices a larger platform, you get access to exclusive commentary and reporting plus special VIP-exclusive columns each week from me, Katie Pavlich, Kurt Schlichter, Matt Vespa, Guy Benson, and many others on Townhall’s all-star team.

Your direct support as a Townhall VIP member funds critical reporting from Julio, who is on the ground covering the latest round of anti-police riots outside Minneapolis. It supports our work to fact-check those who would rather the truth go unnoticed, and allows us to be less reliant on big tech and the leftists who want you silenced.

Please stand with us, and join today in this fight for our country’s future

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