The Only Way to Save Our Country is to Fight For It!


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Charlotte, NC — Over the weekend, news outlets reported that 11 Senate Republicans will stand up and oppose the Electoral College results on Wednesday. Led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx), the group says that they want the establishment of an Electoral Commission to look into election results.

Their statement comes after Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo) also said he would challenge the election results on January 6. These moves come after reports of Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned Republicans against challenging the election results, turning his back on President Trump and election integrity altogether. It leaves the Republican Senate sharply divided over what will happen on Wednesday.

CNN reports that as many as 140 Republicans in the House of Representatives are expected to vote against counting the electoral votes. With the division in the Republican party over what to do, it looks like Wednesday could be a show.

The question now becomes what do we expect to happen on Wednesday? Do we expect that the challenges to the Electoral College votes will get anywhere?

If you listen to the mainstream media, they will tell you no. They will tell you that there is no chance that any of these challenges go anywhere. They will tell you that it’s a done deal and that Pence will certify the vote.

It appears that many Republicans believe the same. In the letter from the 11 Senate Republicans, they also admitted that their challenge seems futile. Some of those said it was simply a form of a protest vote that they were casting.

It does not matter what they say, this is so much more than just a protest vote. This is much more than a simple challenge. This is a fight to save our country from the socialists who are out to destroy it.

If you evaluate all the information, it is very clear what is happening. Foreign countries are upset, threatening to kill our President because he actually believes in America. Republicans, who claim that they stand against socialism, are caving to the left at just the thought of Donald Trump being out of office. It’s the same thing they did throughout the Obama, Bush, and Clinton presidencies.

Trump and his administration have refused to believe in anything other than America. They refuse to sell America to the highest bidder as Joe Biden has done. They have refused to accept that our best days are behind us, as Obama stood and told everyone.

Our mainstream media refuses to cover the election fraud, where multiple instances of fraud have been proven with indisputable evidence. They refuse to cover outright corruption in Joe Biden’s quid pro quo and Chinese business dealings. They simply do not care, as they are on the mission to push America over the edge.

There’s only one way forward for America. There is only one way we can prevent the destruction of our nation and our freedoms. We must fight!

We must support President Trump in his mission to expose the swamp. We must push for our elected leaders to realize what has taken place and admit there is corruption. If they refuse, we must demand their resignation and replacement.

President Trump has promised evidence that will convince everyone. He said that these Senators will not be the only ones. He says the evidence on Wednesday will be undeniable.

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And after they see the facts, plenty more to come…Our Country will love them for it! #StopTheSteal

Many of us have seen the evidence as see the massive fraud that has taken place. We have heard the expert witnesses and those who shared exactly how the voting systems were accessible, even when we were told it was impossible.

We have told our representatives that we want them to fight. On January 6th, they have just that opportunity. They have the opportunity to fight, but will they?

Our nation has been here before. This is not the first time our representatives have refused to truly represent us.

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America exists because the Continental Army fought a government that didn’t represent the people.225 years later, we face the same problem

Patriots across this country will not let it happen again. If our representatives refuse to fight for the people, we will fight for our country ourselves. Fighting is the only way we can save her.

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