Trump hypes more documents coming soon but what if?


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Washington, DC — On Sunday, President Donald Trump said that there were ‘breathtaking’ documents that would be released soon. He made the comments on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Fox News program. He indicated that the documents would continue to show the work against him and his campaign.

This comes after the claims by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who indicated last week that Hillary’s emails were coming. He indicated that they had the emails and that more information would be coming soon.

Trump has long shared the efforts against him in 2016. It’s no secret that there was a strong force put up against him, especially in light of the Comey testimony and the release of other documents related to the case. We know the work to build the fake Russian story to distract from all the corruption of Clinton.

President Trump has long pushed for this information to be released, and while some recent information has been interesting, nothing has really pushed him over the top. For example, Trump still trails in the national average of polls by almost 10 points.

I certainly hear many of you say that the polls are inaccurate and are undercounting Trump’s support. Yes, they did this in 2016, and there is a high likelihood this is happening in 2020. I also agree that the mainstream media is in a coordinated effort against him.

There is still a looming question in all of this that I think we must ask. I believe that Trump is banking on these documents to help him in the public perception arena, but what if they don’t? What if the documents that are released really do nothing to help the case?

I think we all agree that Trump had efforts to keep him from becoming President. I think we can all agree that everyone is against him (aside from the American people) in 2020. The question I keep hearing from those I talk to is “what if.”

While I still believe the race for President is much closer than the polls show, the thought of Trump losing to Biden scares me to death. There are some definite things we know if, in January, Biden becomes President.

First, we know that he and Democrats will work hard to lock up President Trump, charging him with any crime they can think of. They have made no secrets about attacking Trump legally, even Trump supporters, if you listen to some other extreme liberals. It very well may become a crime to even be conservative.

We also know that a potential President Biden will not make it out of one term. He has said he may not run for a second term, but I doubt he makes it through the first. The commission has been created, and the extreme radical wing of the party, led by Kamala Harris herself, is ready to step up and turn us into their socialist dream.

He will support measures like the Green New Deal. They will start working towards single payor healthcare, such as Medicare for All, no matter what Biden says about the Affordable Care Act.

They will work to take away guns from the American people. They will work to defund the police. In all of this, removing any ideas of safety that you have, forcing you to rely on the government for your safety. That’s what they are after in the end, that you are fully reliant on the government.

We also know that Democrats will change every rule of the game, to make sure that another Republican could never come to power. While conservatives may still exist, Democrats will work hard to eliminate them from American society in any way possible.

I certainly do not want to sound like someone writing from the Trump campaign because I’m not. I have shared many times complaints I have about President Trump, but I do appreciate many of his policies.

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That said, Vice President Pence is correct when he says this is a vote to save the country. Maybe it is not a vote to save the name of the United States of America, but it is a vote to save the concepts and values of a free Republic.

It is a vote to save the idea that you can freely worship the God you choose. It’s a vote to save the idea that you can work hard and achieve your dreams. Those are the very things that Democrats and Biden cannot stand.

It will not happen overnight. The left will argue that those of us, like myself, were simply using fear tactics to scare everyone. The 4-year term of a potential President Biden is a long time, and the country will never look the same by the end of that term.

Each time I get asked the question “what if,” it’s like a nightmare that keeps going off inside my mind—one where the vigilant conservatives of this country face tough actions and decisions to just exist.

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