Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court


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Charlotte, NC – On Saturday, President Trump announced his long-awaited pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. He has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Barrett, 48, currently serves on the 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals.

In his comments, President Trump praised Ginsburg’s dedication and commitment to the court before commenting on Barrett. Trump commented on Barrett’s education, credentials, and experience as key qualifiers for the position.

Trump shared the experiences of Barrett clerking for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. She has spent many years in education and in writing on law cases, which was one of Trump’s qualifiers that he wanted for the position. He highlighted she had the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in joining the Court of Appeals when Trump nominated her for that role.

Amy Coney Barrett was rumored to be a candidate for previous Supreme Court nominations. Her name was floated for the seat Justice Brett Kavanaugh filled. She is a controversial pick, not for conservatives, but for Democrats.

Conservatives, specifically Christian Conservatives, will celebrate the pick. She is a devout Catholic and has come under fire for her faith. In her 2017 confirmation hearings, she was attacked for the “dogma” of her faith.

Barrett has been praised for being a mother to seven children. Five of those children are biological, while two were adopted from Haiti. The left has already seized on the opportunity to attack her for those international adoptions, even before being nominated.

The nomination fight to confirm Barrett will most likely be a contentious one. Democrats were brutal in their attacks on Brett Kavanaugh before his appointment. As they view this as a potential permanent swing to the conservative side for the court, they will no doubt pull out all the stops.

This battle could be very beneficial to President Trump going into November. Democrats attacking what is viewed as a strong working mother could have significant consequences. It will also have a significant response from the religious community if they attack her over her faith as they have before.

The Senate is expected to begin hearings on Barrett’s nomination in 2 weeks. A vote to confirm her to the high court is expected before the November election.

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