Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis changes the Presidential race


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Charlotte, NC — It seems like each time we have a presidential election, we start looking for a surprise, specifically in a mid-term election. Think back to 2012, where President Obama was disliked and the Republicans had a candidate in Mitt Romney that all felt could win the election. Then there was Hurricane Sandy and the 47% comments on the leaked video.

While some surprises have been successful, others have not. In 2016, it was the Access Hollywood tape that the media used to drive a narrative against Trump. It was not successful. While I mention just a couple more recent examples, the idea of an October surprise has gone back over 100 years.

We are at the beginning of October in an election year, a time when we start expecting things in an election race. I had thought there could be something in the investigation by the Senate into James Comey and others involved in the Russia hoax. So far, that has produced nothing to change the race.

Then came President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. While it is still unknown how it changes, this will absolutely change the election.

President Trump will be unable to hold his trademark rallies while he is at Walter Reed and in isolation recovering. The media uses these rallies as methods to attack Trump and continue to build a case against him. Now, their only ammunition is COVID-19.

In an effort to appear concerned, the Biden campaign has taken down attack ads in key states. We all know that Biden continues to stay in his basement, holding few, if any, campaign events. Those attack ads and the mainstream media were his two main weapons against Trump.

So what if those all remain on hold until mid-October? Does that give President Trump enough of a reprieve for the American people to recover from the chaotic first debate and potentially the chance to salvage gaining votes? While Trump’s hardcore supporters enjoyed his debate performance, post-debate polls show that some key voters were put off by the performance.

Biden is unable to take this time off. One strategist said that this is the time that Biden must prosecute the case against Trump and his leadership through the pandemic. Will the American people tolerate that? Will the continue to tolerate a presidential candidate that is willing to stay at home in his basement?

Trump will not lose any voters as part of his contracting the COVID-19 virus. For those who hate Trump, Biden will not lose their support either. The key comes down to those independent voters that are needed in swing states. Many of them would not take kindly to Biden, who has been shared as the more socially acceptable choice, to attack Trump over a personal illness.

With those key voters, this election will absolutely change now. They will not be hearing the attacks on President Trump 24/7 by Biden and the mainstream media. Sure, the more biased media outlets will attack Trump for his failed leadership, but it’s a fine line they will walk as to not appear concerned about the President.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saw his approval rating go up while he was stricken with COVID-19. While that bump in approval has been erased, Trump could see a similar reaction here. If he does, it is unlikely that it would be erased ahead of the election.

President Trump continues to do well in the care of the medical experts at Walter Reed Medical Center. The President received multiple treatments from the healthcare team and the physicians state he is doing very well.

In a press conference on Saturday, the medical team said that they would be watching for days 7-10 when the inflammatory response is it’s highest. The President is not receiving supplemental oxygen and the plan is not to administer any at this time.

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