Vaccine Ellipsis: Authorities Hit Pause on COVID Jabs Here and Abroad


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The seamless universal COVID vaccine roll-out has hit some snags that threaten to unravel the momentum of the most widely disseminated jab in history.

The F.D.A. and C.D.C., in concert, have called for an immediate pause on the highly anticipated Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This is based on reports of dangerous blood clotting in some individuals, similar to the adverse events reported about another jab. The AstraZeneca campaign saw vaccine injuries mounting weekly – along with concerns. This hastened the suspension of that vaccine in over 20 countries worldwide, including Italy, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Bulgaria, Venezuela, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

COVID vaccine

Currently, six women are reported to have suffered blood clots after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. One has been hospitalized with severe conditions, and one has died. However, we have no way of knowing if there are many more blood clotting episodes that have gone unreported, as the adverse event reporting system for vaccines known as VAERS is notoriously unreliable. A 2010 Harvard study demonstrated that only about 1% of all vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS.

It seems unlikely that our regulatory bodies would pause the roll-out of such a promising vaccine after the relentless messaging to Americans to get the jab if only six doses out of seven million administered caused adverse events. Is it possible there is more to be concerned about than the federal departments charged with our health are letting on?

Consider that the first time blood clotting from a vaccine made the news cycle was back in January. Dr. Gregory Michael of Florida died from what appeared to be complications resulting from the Pfizer vaccine. His platelets plummeted, and, over two weeks, a team of doctors was unable to stabilize him. He died on January 3 after receiving the Pfizer jab on December 18. As in all such instances, there is an “ongoing investigation” about which you never hear another word. For her part, Dr. Michael’s widow believes utterly that the vaccine is what caused her perfectly healthy, 56-year-old husband’s death.

It’s also worth remembering that 58-year-old Drene Keyes died just hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine in February. This was the same vaccine that killed Dr. Michael. Ms. Keyes suffered anaphylaxis – one of the most severe adverse reactions to the vaccines. Keyes was rushed to hospital and died there the next day. The State Health Commissioner of Virginia refused to perform an autopsy, however, stating it was “not necessary.” The medical authorities determined the vaccine had nothing to do with Drene Keyes’ death and closed the book. Despite the Health Commissioner’s hollow assurances, no official manner of death has yet been determined. As ever, investigations are “ongoing.”

To combat the demographic reluctance of black Americans and others to get the jab, the P.R. arm of the Biden administration is opening its checkbook. It has contributed $4 billion to Bill Gates’ COVAX initiative worldwide for its campaign of mass persuasion and mass vaccination. This money will include getting the vaccine to poorer countries, as well as mounting a P.R. blitz here in the United States. But one demographic may require extra levels of convincing beyond the depressing pharma-shill of former hip-hop heroes Run-DMC.

To date, four prominent black Americans have died suspiciously vaccine-adjacent: baseball legend Hank Aaron, boxing great Marvin Hagler, the rapper D.M.X., and journalist Midwin Charles. In the case of Aaron, who received the Moderna vaccine, The New York Times attempted to run interference – and got caught. The paper of record implied the medical examiner had cleared vaccination as a cause of his death. But the medical examiner never saw Aaron’s body – let alone conducted an autopsy.

There have been reports from some news outlets that efforts by the White House, the federal government, and the mainstream media to tamp down concern over the mounting adverse reactions and deaths possibly linked directly to the various vaccines is an attempt to quell “vaccine hesitancy.” Setting aside the dark cynicism of urging an experimental vaccine on reluctant Americans – the battle against suspicion of the COVID vaccines doesn’t seem to be working. As many as 40% of marines have refused the vaccine, which has caused low-level apoplexy in some news organizations full of folks just fuming that that the experimental vaccines could not be mandated because the F.D.A has not yet approved them. A survey conducted in mid-March also found that just 52% of healthcare workers had gotten the vaccine, despite being prioritized to receive it and the enormous pressures they face to comply. Why?

Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci

Do we continue to look to “authority” figures like children’s picture book hero Anthony Fauci on guidance concerning vaccination? He has so little faith in the experimental product he is hard selling daily with his cuddly grandpa persona that he continues to recommend double masking, limited travel, social distancing, and lockdowns for the newly vaccinated. And his answers of late are beginning to resemble our President’s in the breadth of their befuddlement. When asked recently about why Texas COVID numbers are plummeting, despite the fact the state is defying every one of his COVID directives, Fauci’s answer was somewhat less than scientific. He said:

“I’m not sure.”

What else can one say when the assumptions undergirding your confidently issued medical mandate for every single American are laid to waste?

As belief in the competence of the good doctor’s pandemic stewardship continues to erode, at the very least, he knows he has a fan in Michigan’s top Democrat, Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In a recent ZOOM interview, she proudly displayed a Dr. Fauci accent pillow in the background as she discussed the fact that Michigan has become the new epicenter for COVID-19 infections.

Will Michigan be able to vaccinate and lockdown its way out of the alarming next wave? Pharma executives, Gretchen Whitmer, and Dr. Fauci all have their fingers crossed.


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