Video: Remember When Kamala Harris Praised Violent Protests and Said They Must Continue


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Charlotte, NC — Wednesday’s events at the Capitol were chaotic and the violence that happened was unnecessary. I do not think that anyone is debating those matters as we have moved into Thursday. What is very clear is the hypocrisy of the left amid the actions in Washington, DC.

The Democrats were quick to act on the violence and say that they condemned the action. They were quick to call those who acted terrorists saying that they needed to be arrested. Others are calling for special investigations and want to arrest all involved.

President-elect Joe Biden was quick to call those involved insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.

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What we witnessed yesterday was not dissent – it was disorder. They weren’t protestors – they were rioters, insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists.I wish we could say we couldn’t see it coming, but that isn’t true. We could.

While he was quick to label those on Wednesday, he simply called the same violent actors last summer an idea. I’ll admit that he did say the violence should end, but he refused to say they were insurrectionists and terrorists as they set up autonomous zones and attacked property and business.

Over the course of the riots in 2020, there were 19 deaths. The riots were responsible for over $2 Billion in property damage. While all of that happened, Kamala Harris was praising the actions. In a video, she said that the riots were a movement that were enabling change.

Sen. Kamala Harris: The Nationwide Protests Are A Movement. They’re Not Going To Stop

Senator Kamala Harris joined protesters in Washington, D.C. recently and she is following the movement closely enough to understand that this push for equal …

The events on Wednesday are apparently a different situation for Kamala Harris. She claims that the protestors last summer were peaceful. She said those that were conducting the violent riots should not stop and should continue. This time, it’s an entirely different outlook.

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We have witnessed two systems of justice: one that let extremists storm the U.S. Capitol yesterday, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protestors last summer. It’s simply unacceptable.

Biden and Harris have embraced the social justice cause as their own. Just as they want to blame Trump for the events at the Capitol, they are responsible for the deaths and destruction all throughout 2020.

I am certainly not for the violence that happened last year or at the Capitol. I simply find it interesting that the Democrats are willing to change their mind when the action is not benefitting them.

The Plan To Move Forward With A Trump-less Government

The events over the last few days are really interesting. We all knew Wednesday would be historic, but not for the reasons that it will go down in history. Jared shares that Mike Pence did exactly what he expected him to do. Mike Pence does not view this as a slam against President Trump.

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