Violent BLM Mob Breaks Into Columbus, Ohio Police Station — Pepper Spray Police Officer!


Black Lives Matter terrorists were able to break into the Columbus, Ohio police station on Tuesday night!

The protesters reportedly pepper-sprayed at least one police officer in the police headquarters.

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The mob was marching earlier tonight in the streets.

10WBNS reported:
People protesting the deaths of people by law enforcement officers were able to briefly get inside Columbus Division of Police Headquarters Tuesday night.

Members of the group were at Mayme Moore Park earlier in the evening for a vigil and balloon release.

Then, a crowd of about 50 demonstrators gathered outside police headquarters and marched around the immediate area.

Columbus Division of Police Sgt. James Fuqua said the event was peaceful until the group came back to headquarters.

Fuqua said some of them become aggressive and started to pull on the doors, getting past the first set.

Police asked the demonstrators to leave and Fuqua said they pepper-sprayed at least one officer.

The officers then responded by spraying the group, Fuqua said.

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