What are Trump’s chances to win the election through the courts?


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Charlotte, NC — Since the election, President Trump has maintained that the election is rigged and that the Democrats are attempting to steal the election. He recently said that he expects some major election news in the next two weeks. His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, also says that the election results will be overturned.

Mainstream media outlets have already declared Joe Biden the winner. While the media does not have the ability to declare a winner, they have not hesitated to attempt to force Biden on the American people.

According to recent estimates, they have Joe Biden ahead with 306 projected electoral college votes to Trump’s 232. It’s no secret that the Trump campaign is relying on lawsuits regarding voter fraud and illegal ballot harvesting to attempt to win the election.

The campaign has given up on lawsuits in Arizona, choosing to focus on Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. Failing in any of those states would result in Trump losing the White House. So what are his chances to win?

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The strongest case he appears to have is in Pennsylvania. In the state, Biden leads Trump in the current totals by around 70,000 votes. The campaign has a lawsuit pending that involves nearly 700,000 ballots in Pennsylvania.

Some mainstream media outlets have tried to say that the Trump campaign is not suing over enough ballots. The campaign says otherwise. Either way, 700,000 votes, which were allegedly counted without appropriate process does seem like a potential opportunity for Trump.

In Michigan, President Trump trails in the current totals by approximately 145,000 votes to Joe Biden. Lawsuits have been filed, focusing specifically on Wayne County. There are various suggestions about vote amounts that are involved here, with some estimating it to be around 1 million votes in total.

Some of those votes are even for President Trump. The key detail is that even if he were to win the case, he would lead Biden by around 250,000. Cases in Michigan have already been thrown out for lack of evidence, but there are still many pending.

The final state is in Georgia, where Biden leads by 14,000 votes currently. One lawsuit in Georgia appears to be focused on absentee ballots and recent changes to election laws. Similar lawsuits have been denied across the country, and there is no estimate on the number of ballots that could be included here.

The last big focus is on the Dominion voting software. The software was designed as a way to rig elections in Venezuela, with the company touting that it services 40% of American voters. The Washington Times reports how Democrats and Republicans alike have warned of issues with the software.

Of course, that was before the Democrats were in need of assistance to win an election. They benefitted from an error in Michigan, which was only found because it was so obvious. Many Republicans have argued that they believe votes have been switched in a less obvious manner in the states served by Dominion.

While the case in Pennsylvania looks promising, the legal cases in the other states are not as encouraging on the surface. Without additional details about what evidence Giuliani has in store, it leaves me discouraged about the potential for Trump to win here.

In my opinion, the potential way for Trump to win this election goes through the Dominion election software. You can learn more about the software here. If there is evidence of votes being changed and irregularities across multiple states, it would be a gamechanger.

It also seems the most likely given the attention the mainstream media has placed on it to discredit it. The left has often gone to great lengths to accuse the right of craziness when they were caught in the act. Giuliani claims he has evidence and is building a case to show the American people.

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So while the Trump path to victory in the state cases as described above looks dismal, there is still hope. If Giuliani proves voter fraud through the Dominion software, it will absolutely destroy the Democrats and change our country. Not only could it give Trump four more years, but it could give Republicans the power in Congress as well.

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