Yang Asked If He Chokes His Sexual Partners, Laughs But Doesn’t Answer


New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang was asked on Wednesday if he chokes his sexual partners but simply laughed and played the question off without responding.

The video shows a fan asking Yang if a man can keep his “Timbs on,” a reference to Timberland boots, while he’s “f***ing b****es.” An uncomfortable-looking Yang responds, laughing and saying, “I think it’s purely up to your partner.”

The same man then asks, “Do you choke bitches, Andrew Yang?”

Yang responded by laughing and waving the question off but didn’t answer the question directly.

Yang received backlash on social media and from fellow mayoral candidate Maya Wiley who commented, “every last one of us has to stand up for women and girls,” according to Politico.

The video uploaded by Twitter user @carsoncapp has been removed after the user said Yang’s campaign staff contacted him.

Yang responded on Thursday, saying he didn’t find the video “funny at all.” (RELATED: Andrew Yang Announces Candidacy For New York City Mayor)

“I think most New Yorkers know that I try and be friendly to people. And in this case, someone wanted a video, and I thought I’d be friendly. But then he said something that was plainly inappropriate that I didn’t find funny at all,” he said, according to New York Daily News. “So I walked away and ended the interaction as quickly as possible. And I obviously don’t think that’s appropriate.”

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