Biden signs wall of childhood home: 'From this house to the White House'


Former Vice President Joe Biden signed one of the living room walls of his childhood home during a stop in Scranton, Pa., on Tuesday morning.

"From this house to the White House with the grace of God. Joe Biden 11-3-2020," the message reads.

Biden has often played up his working-class roots on the campaign trail, and has especially focused on Pennsylvania, a battleground state that could determine the outcome of the election.

The Democratic presidential nominee spent his young childhood in Scranton before moving to Delaware when he was 10 after his father lost his job in the area.

He has repeatedly visited his childhood home, and when he stopped by in 2008 as the vice presidential nominee, the current owner asked Biden to sign a wall in his old room.

"I am home," Biden wrote on Sept. 1, 2008, above his signature.

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